The driver was devastated by the stray dog and his friends ​​that he trashed before.

You’ll definitely smile when someone who has been wronged receives a reward. And this human is actually a stray dog.

There are millions of stray dogs live in the busy streets of the world. The World Health Organization said that more than 200 million stray dogs live on the streets of the world. These dogs also have to deal with very unfortunate situations to deal with their region.

Recently, a lost puppy and his group of ragpunk friends became “heroes” in the story. There’s an old saying that “let dogs sleep lying”. But this man learned his lesson the hard way after these heroes came back to avenge him. The people who harm animals are really bad and cruel as most animals can’t defend themselves.

This is what happened exactly.

According to the Daily Mail, a man in Chongqing, China, wanted to park his car in a local car park just to find a wandering dog asleep at his favorite place. The dog was innocent, but this man came out of the car and kicked the sleeping dog to chase away from that place. But, he was not prepared for the consequences of his cruel and insane act.

The dog came back with his friends after the man left his vehicle. The dogs did some amazing damage to the car after drove into town, biting the sides of the car and gnawing the deep chewing marks in the vehicle.

A person took the images of the revenge of the dogs, but he couldn’t take a picture of the owner of the car to see his once he return and found his vehicle very damaged. It should be really priceless.

This story shows that karma is good for both good and bad things. Share this story to inspire them to seek good karma today.

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